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We take the hassle out of selling online so that you can spend more time creating.
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Our Mission for those who want to sell handmade

The mission of this website is to create a better experience for both the artisan seller and the shoppers.
Artisan Direct Connect is a curated online, e-commerce secure site.
Instead of waiting for your favorite art fair - we are open year round.
Because we connect shoppers directly to the artisan's shop, everyone gets better pricing.  
We value sustainability and assure buyers they are really getting handmade from artisans in their USA communities. 

Who can sell on the handcraft marketplace?

  • Products: I am in awe of the products our artisans create.
  • This site is only to sell handmade items. 
    Created by you – No drop shipping.
  • To sell on our handmade marketplace, we do require it to be handmade, high quality with high quality materials.
    Our submission team will make final decision as to whether it fits with our handmade marketplace.
  • Bath & Body Vendors
    Due to sensitive nature of these products –please Check FDA Fact Sheet
    We also require that you have been selling your product for a minimum of 2 years before applying to sell within our marketplace.
  • You must be an individual or small group that create ONLY high quality handcrafted products.
  • We only include USA artisans – and we only sell in the USA for sustainability reasons. 
  • We carry a variety of products which will enhance the marketplace synergy for all artisans.

Why sell with this Artisan Marketplace?

  • Creating cool unique items is awesome – it’s what we love to do.  We want to share the passion of our talent with other people who value what we are doing (buyers).  But…selling takes time, money, expertise and it can be hard. This is the best place to sell handmade items – without the middleman.
  • Yes, there are other places to sell: brick & mortar, ETSY, Amazon, your own website.  I have found these take too high of a commission and/or fees to be a longterm solution, your site is lost in a sea of millions of sites or your products are competing against overseas, drop ship, cheaply made goods.
  • When I have a problem, I like to analyze: take the positive and minimize the negatives to create a “new” system that works better.  That’s how this site came to be.
  • This site is only for USA handcrafting artisans.  We only sell within the USA.  By doing this we create a more sustainable marketplace, we interact with our communities and it decreases many issues with shipping, taxes and language.  Too many places, like ETSY or Amazon, prioritize lower quality alternatives to handmade items and the buyers don’t realize.
  • This site is only online.
    This minimizes time and expenses of in person store – and maximizes the benefits of easy online shopping.
  • By having a marketplace of many interesting unique products, we offer shoppers a cornucopia of experience shopping.
  • People buy from people.
    Which means if we can get our stories out along with our products, shoppers get to experience the creating of the product and the artist story – that’s what this marketplace offers.
  • TELL YOUR STORY – share your craft.
  • The marketplace cannot guarantee sales.  I can guarantee the value of the marketplace. That I will help you tell your story.  We can work together to get the site visible, to get your products seen on the site, social media, newsletters and ads.
  • Let’s share our stories and give value to our buyers.
  • They will appreciate sharing your craft and support this online community.
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Membership Features

E-Commerce Secure website

  • Help your customers buy by making it easy- we offer many payment options

Your Custom Shop Storefront

  • It’s just like having your own website, but we do the hard work for you  (getting the traffic there) 
  • Directory of all artisan shops page on site (including your shop)
  • Your custom shop – with your branded Banner, logo/avatar.
  • Your shop displays all and only your products.
  • You have your own “About” section
  • Your own shop “Policies” section
  • Your own “Reviews” section
  • Direct Inquiry button so customers can ask you directly questions they may have.
  • Create your own shop coupons
  • Low Payment Processing Fees
  • When shopper is looking at your product, the related products shown are also your products
    (not a competitor as other sites do)
  • Our website is tablet & mobile ready. Responsive designs help keep your shop looking great no matter how your customer shops.

Your Vendor Dashboard

  • Easy to add products, pictures, shipping information, price SEO keywords. 
  • Set your inventory, shipping, process time.
  • Set product up-sells and cross-sells to promote within your product line.
  • Enter SEO focus keywords and description for your products (admin is here to help)
  • Easy dashboard to check orders and payment status
  • You can easily message the admin for any questions.
  • Reports section shows sales by date so you can see your growth
  • Check and approve reviews
  • You can set your shop on VACATION mode if you need.
  • No coding is necessary. Get a great looking store without worrying about any html, css or javascript.
    You list. You sell. We do the technical work.

Offer Chargeable Personalization Options

Premium shipping package that shows live shipping costs to buyers

Offer Coupons specially for your shop usage or free shipping after certain amount

  • Create a wide range of coupon codes that can be used throughout your store to entice customers to spend with you.
    Offer your customers special promo codes for individual products or storewide.

Easy Store Set up

  • Setup wizard guides you through the steps. 
    Connect your PAYPAL account to get purchases sent. 
    Offer a wide range of products or start with 1 product- it’s OK.

We help market your handmade shop

Get featured in our Artisan Blog

  • You can send your story or we send some questions to you and we create an exclusive post on you, your shop and products!

Social Media – You are Included

  • Yes- We promote our artisans on our social media pages.
    The more we all share, the more we all get noticed.

We do paid advertising to help our artisans

  • The earlier you join, the more exclusive the club!

Newsletters to the website customers and subscribers

  • We email our newsletter to subscribers and customers with information on new products on our site, new artisans, featured businesses and specials.
    This keeps us top of mind and keeps all our wonderful subscribers up to date on what’s happening.

Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • The site continues to grow it’s SEO (this helps google see the site).  We market the artisans and products on social media and featured areas.

Community of artisans

  • Community as we reach our customers but also community of artisans with many of the same questions, challenges, successes we all have. 
    Our artisans get a special invite to our private Facebook group.

Friendly & Responsive Support 

  • There is a “Send Direct Message” screen right on your dashboard for any questions to Store Admin.  Usually answered within 1 day.
  • We are real people – not a corporate giant with bots to answer your questions.  If you have a question – you get help from a person.

Focus on your craft and have fun selling quality handmade items

artist setting up shop

Artisan DC Marketplace

  • No Listing fee
  • 10%  Commission on product
  • $ 10/month
  • We pass through to you the minimal payment processing fee to cover the cost of fees charged by PayPal, Credit Card or our Buy Now Pay Later payment provider depending on the payment method chosen for your order by the customer.
    * The payout amounts you receive from a sale will be less the amount charged by the payment gateway, at 2.9% + $0.30 per order to 3.49% + $0.49 depending on PayPal, credit card or Buy Now Pay Later orders.