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Faq for handmade marketplace online shopping

Faq handmade marketplace online shopping site we have listed the policies below.  We are thrilled you have come looking at our virtual “art fair”.  I know everyone has their own deep stories.  The treasure is finding connections and differences and appreciating all unique abilities.  In this artisan handmade shop we have a talented bunch of people wanting to share their stories and handcrafted products.  We are all people on this site so if you have a question or comment – please reach out and we appreciate your input. CONTACT US

The artisans here are all curated and vetted as offering handcrafted pieces.

The products are made in the artisans shops – all our artisans are based in the continental United States. We strive for sustainability and know there are so many skilled artisans locally so we don’t need to ship outside the country.

Each artisan is responsible sourcing their own materials.  We stress eco-friendly materials, packaging and methods.  It’s best to review the product description.  You can use the “Ask the maker a question” which is on the product page for specifics if it’s not listed.

These products are handmade and not mass produced  and therefore slight variations in design and color are possible.

This is one of the benefits of shopping with Artisan Direct Connect is that you have direct access to the maker.  If ordering items other places the sales people probably will not know and even if materials are listed you do not know what environment the product is created.

Each artisan has their own independent shop they have set up.  They set the product images, description and pricing.  They also set their own policies, return policies and shipping terms.

If the maker is promoting a shop coupon it is not transferrable to other shops.

Our Makers are based in studios and workshops throughout the country.  They will post information about your order to you directly.  Makers may keep a range of their work in stock at all times and are able to deliver within a shorter time period. Other products require longer delivery periods or only make to order, so please do bear this in mind if you are ordering a gift for a specific time. 

Check the product description page for information on how long the item will be from ship time.
“Since this product is handmade especially for you:
Please check time before shipping:
Item will be shipped in # business days”

The Shipping, Refund and Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policies are all listed under “Store Policies” tab on the product page. Please check these carefully. We all work very hard to meet the delivery times quoted on our site and aim to be as quick as possible, especially if something is needed for a gift. Please bear in mind that delivery times are estimates and postal services aren’t always as reliable as we’d like them to be! At times of public holidays (e.g Christmas, Easter and bank holidays) delivery may take a little longer.

If you need something by a given date and are unable to communicate this via our site please do contact us via email or telephone and we will do our best to help you.

Unfortunately we cannot fulfill any obligations if the product you ordered becomes out of stock, if a Maker is unable to fulfill their order due to circumstances beyond reasonable control, if we are unable to obtain authorization for your payment, or if we identify a pricing or product description error.

If you change your mind and want to cancel a purchase, please contact the individual maker to discuss. 

It may depend if they have started working on it, if it has been shipped, or already delivered.  The sooner you notify the seller the better. 

You need to contact the maker or site contact within 7 days of receiving the item.  It must not be used or damaged.  It must be in original packaging.

If you want to return an item please check the maker’s product return policy.

If it was damaged in shipping – please check with the maker to see how they process shipment damage.



To track an order, check the tracking information the maker sent you.  Contact the maker if you did not receive or can’t find the information.

Each maker will be shipping from different places so if you ordered from multiple makers, you will have multiple tracking information.

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