etsy craft Me (Pat) working on fused glass
Me (Pat) working on fused glass

The story Behind

Artisan Direct Connect:

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handmade market at art fair
Me - Setting up for an art fair in the rain.

It always starts with a story...

I have a tech background but pivoted once kids came.  As they got older, I found time to develop my artistic side. 
I opened a fused glass teaching studio and did local art fairs.  

I’ve been on the artisan side.  Braving art fairs in rain and hot and cold and setting up tents in the wind.
I know the journey of an artist can be difficult. 
Developing the craft is the focus but even more time and resources are often spent on sales and marketing.

Your Shop Alternatives

  • Brick and mortar stores often take 50% commission from the artist. 
  • Shops like the common ETSY are overrun with cheap knockoffs from other countries with questionable practices.  Often offshore production suppliers substitute low quality material and drop ship to the USA – so it looks like a local maker.  
  • Big box stores supply unremarkable product.
  • It’s certainly not environmentally friendly to ship something on a cargo ship or plane half way around the world.



  • I enjoy the unique, the quirky and appreciate the craftmanship of handmade.  
  • For my home and gifts I want something special.
  • I prefer finely crafted items rather than disposable mainstream catalog stuff.
  • I liken the “little black dress” philosophy – quality lasts and is always in style.
  • I try to incorporate sustainable practices. 
  • I love going to art fairs; talking to artisans, seeing the unique styled crafts done by talented people right in my backyard. 
    …But the shows are only a few days a year. 


A Better way

I knew there had to be a better solution for an artisan marketplace.  An online, safe, open year round site which offered better pricing to the artisans as well as the buyers, valued sustainability, and assured buyers they were really getting handmade from artisans in their USA communities.  All with an actual person to contact for the artisans and shoppers with any questions.

Is this site for you?

  • You want great direct pricing.
  • You want quality, unique handmade.
  • You want to “really” know where the product is coming from?
  • You appreciate sustainable practices.
  • And…support the artist communities.


Then please spread the word about Artisan Direct Connect.

Join the movement of staying local, building community, getting better value and finding some really cool items!

Find something you love!

~ Pat Haug

Why shop with us
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We care

We care about our world and our communities.
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Secure Shopping Online

We value security and privacy
Our site is secure
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Create your space and gift with meaningful pieces.
The luxury of quality
The necessity of sustainable.
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Easy shopping - support communities
Support the makers
Contact real people with questions
Preserve skilled crafts
Variety of curated shops
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