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The new way to shop

Handcrafted & Sustainably

Welcome to artisan marketplace

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Connect with artisans

All-year ~ online ~ easy

  • Like walking around an art festival as you peruse this site
  • Curated products
  • Sustainable marketplace
  • Experience the artists shops 
  • Give the gift that’s cherished
  • Wear the jewelry that gets the “WOW”
  • Display the beautiful decor…not found in the big box stores
  • Know the accessories are toxic free
  • Products not coming on cargo ship from around the world

All the same... No soul

  • Fluorescent lights
  • Parking
  • Waiting in lines
  • Carrying bags
  • Not clean
  • Large carbon footprint
  • Bland products
  • “Made in China”
  • Poor Quality to price ratio
  • Wandering people
  • Funky smell
  • Impersonal cheeky staff
  • Pollution
  • Traffic
  • Artificial environment
  • Crowds
  • No charm or pizzazz
  • Muzak
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  • Quality lasts 
  • Embrace your home as curated by you
  • Elegant simplicity: well chosen items
  • Pass your love of the arts to your children
  • Know a local craftsperson created these with care, attention & skill
  • Buy from a person…with a skill and story
  • Experience the artists shops 
  • Direct online: Better pricing for you and the artists

Accessible art fair...

Easy Safe Online Shopping

  • Curated products
  • Sustainable marketplace
  • Products not coming on cargo ship from around the world
  • Message artist directly with questions
  • Contact us for help searching the right item
  • Contact us (a person) for questions
  • Yep, it’s about connections
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Why shop artisan handcrafted .... locally, sustainably?

~ Artisans love creating

~ You love quality lifetime pieces

  • Artists love their craft
  • Keep the arts alive in your community & home
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Each piece is made by a person
  • Quality made (not plastic throw away)
  • Independent artists as owners of their stores
  • Skill & training & practice to perfect their craft
  • Skills get passed down to next generation
  • Person-made pieces contain the heart & soul of the artist
  • Check out the maker’s story & why they do what they do

     ~ Our crafters are just skilled neighbors you haven’t met yet 😉


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  • Premiere gifts
  • Dazzling home decor
  • Elegant Accessories
  • Green friendly extras

Thank you

Our artists and craftspeople thank you for supporting them as they continue to share their skills and passion. 
To some it’s a hobby – trying to continue their craft as they work and care for family. 
For others, it’s a full time job. You are helping support your community business entrepreneurs.
This is a cottage industry – it takes care to create these products.  

Thank you for being part of the movement to make conscientious purchases.

We think about quality #1 AND sustainability.

By supporting your neighbors as they continue their dream to create beautiful products for people to enjoy, you support your community.

Your purchase here is greatly appreciated!